Berry Crunchy Chinchin Icecream 



Yield: 5 servings   Level: Easy

1 Pint of Favorite Vanilla Icecream

1 Cup Snackin’ African Chinchin

¼ Cup of chopped strawberries

¼ Cup of blueberries

1.5 tsp of granulated Sugar



Stir together strawberries and sugar in a medium bowl, bruise berries a little to aid macerating. Let stand at room temperature until juices are released, about 25 minutes. Put your icecream in fridge shortly after wards to too to soften it, no more than 15 minutes. Once ice-cream is softened enough to stir (don’t let it melt!), pour into a mixing bowl, add berries, and almost all of the chinchin (retain a little for topping) then stir all into the icecream. Cover up tight and return to the freezer for another 10 minutes. Its should be firm now but not hardened, scoop and add chinchin topping. Enjoy!


*Recipe conceived by Nadine Beauchamp**